MONIN Blackberry liqueur Creme de Mure

MONIN Blackberry liqueur Creme de Mure

The blackberry is native from the temperate Northern Hemisphere and a very popular flavour in many cultures. The blackberry fruit exists in many varieties which vary in taste from sweet to tart. Blackberries can be found in markets throughout Europe and North America and they are most tasty in late summer. MONIN Blackberry liqueur is a bar must-have, widely used in champagne and white wine, but it can also flavour...some of your favourite cocktail!

Deep ruby red.

Tasting notes
Fruity nose of ripe blackberry. Velvety, very concentrated taste of the natural flavour, with some notes of jam and a never ending finish.



Beverage Innovation Directors tips
Its pure and intense aroma will definitely boost your cocktails. The French will love it with wine, either red or white, but try to muddle it, with any berry and a white spirit and you will really enjoy the natural and rich taste of blackberry.


  • Cocktails
    Hot chocolates
  • Wines and sparkling wine drinks
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