Save loads on your wedding wines

It always amazes me how people don’t look beyond the selection of wines that a wedding venue recommends. The least you should do is ask to taste some of the wines from the list, which will give you a start- ing point and from there you can judge the price and quality the venue is offering.

The term House Wine is something that really bothers me. House wine should be of the same standard in quality as the venue you have chosen and should never be of inferior quality to what you drink yourself.

Hopefully this list will help you choose the perfect wines to compliment your wonderful wedding banquet.


This is where the venue allows you to bring in your own wines. They charge a fee for handling and serving the wine.

How much should you expect to pay?

It all depends on the venue but expect to pay anywhere from €4-€10 per bottle. You might be able to negotiate this charge, for example if it’s a mid-week wedding, the menu you choose, the amount of rooms sold as a result of the wedding etc. DON’T BE AFRAID TO HAGGLE!

Why choose corkage?

You will save €€€ and you will get a much better quality wine. For example: 100 guests @ 1⁄2 bottle house wine per person = 50 bottles @ €25 = €1250 100 guests @ 1⁄2 bottle wine you like = 50 bottles @ €10 + corkage (avg) €7

50x€17=€850 SAVE at least €400!!!

How Much Do You Need

As a rule of thumb allow 1⁄2 a bottle per person, but also factor into your figures the amount of under 18s that will be sitting for the meal. We would suggest a ratio of 70% white and 30% red. If you wedding is during colder months allow for a little more red wine.

For a drinks reception or to toast the bride and groom allow seven glasses per bottle of fizz. You can expect to pay an extra €1 - €2 for cork- age on sparkling wine, but you still save another few hundred Euros.

Food & Wine Matching

Keep it simple, you need to choose a friendly wine, something that will ap- peal to the masses. If you have a preference for sweeter or very dry wine, I would suggest getting a bottle for just the two of you and keep it at the top table.

If you would like any more information on matching food and wines, or on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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