Pokertree Ghrian Golden

Pokertree Ghrian Golden

One thing everyone in Ireland could do with more of is sunshine – and in our own way that’s what we have tried to achieve with our new Irish Golden Ale. Ghrian - which in Irish means 'Sun' - is brewed with a number of pale barley and wheat malts to create its light golden colour and subtle sweetness.

To create the delicate crisp citrus flavours of summer we use three highly aromatic hops from New Zealand, Australia and America – Green Bullet, Galaxy and Cascade.

We also use a small amount of coriander seed and lemon peel late in the process to add that little bit of warmth and background spiciness which gives Ghrian a crisp, floral dry, moreish finish – and at 4.5% ABV you can now enjoy the sun – all year round.


ABV 4.5%
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