Maison Bouey  Famille Bouey Medoc

Maison Bouey Famille Bouey Medoc

A solid wine with firm tannins, this has structure as well as black-currant acidity. It still has a dry core although this will certainly soften over the next few months. It has the potential to be a ripe fruity wine from early 2018.


In Bordeaux, wine is more than a tradition, it is a perception about what is the art of life in the South-West of France and a link as eternal as the one that keeps a family together. Stéphane Derenoncourt has been consultant for Bouey Family Estates vinegrowing and wine making for many years. Year after year this relation turned into a true friendship based on common values and views. This gave birth to major projects such as “Les Parcelles” concept created and launched by Maison Bouey in 2011. It was obvious that the family required Stéphane Derenoncourt’s interpretation for these Collections family flagship wine, thanks to his personal sensual, modern and delicate approach of Bordeaux wines.

This spirit is to be found in the cuvee "Bordeaux Famille Bouey", supported by Stéphane Derenoncourt’s modern and full of sensitivity winemaking philosophy. A wine full of authenticity and character, the "Bordeaux Famille Bouey" is the keeper of Maison Bouey values: Tradition, Family, Prestige, Elegance…
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