Dom Perignon 2009

Dom Perignon 2009

The ultimate in sophistication.


The 2009 vintage offers a vibrant nose of white stone fruits that burst from the glass as soon as it’s poured – we’re talking nectarines and apricot with sweet peas, pineapple and freshly cut grass on the side.

There’s a lovely toasty and zesty oak that emerges as that Dom Pérignon character begins to emerge.

When you take a sip you’re greeted with an extremely refreshing taste sensation - more of those stone fruits coming into play as soon as it hits the tongue.

There’s a little grapefruit giving that zing of acidity combined with a citric freshness on the mid-palate.

The finale to our story gives us milk lemon juice, a sweet ting and a lime zest, which plays with the taste buds, creating a long-lasting finish.

The 2009 is definitely more on the acidic side, which is by no means a negative thing – if you gravitate towards champagnes with a ‘zing’, this could well be your new favourite tipple.
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